Apollo KeyMod Rails from Chaos, Inc.

    Chaos Rails

    Chaos, Inc. announced a new line of hand guards called the Apollo KeyMod Rail Line. These new accessories are designed for the following long guns:

    • AK pattern rifles
    • Saiga .308 rifles
    • Saiga 12 shotgun
    • Vepr 12 shotgun

    As the name suggests, these hand guards use KeyMod type attachment points for adding accessories to your rifle or shotgun. Previous to the Apollo KeyMod Rail Line, the company offered quad rail type hand guards for these guns.

    V12 Apollo – This unit claims to be the first KeyMod rail assembly on the market for the Vepr 12 shotgun. The unit weighs about 7.8 ounces and offers 3.875″ of rail space.

    S12 Apollo X – This hand guard is designed to fit the ubiquitous Saiga 12 and Kalashnikov USA US109T shotguns. Additionally, it will fit the DDI 12 with some modification. The rail length is 13″, and it weighs about 12.1 ounces. All your Saiga needs now is a Salvo-12.

    AK Apollo 11380 – Although there are a wide range of AK pattern rifles on the market, this rail system is designed to work with most of them. It is a hair over 9.1″ in length and weighs 13.2 ounces.

    S308 Apollo 11380 – The final addition to the new line is this 9.187″ rail system designed for the Saiga 308 rifle. It weighs 13.2 ounces.

    The struggle for the new accessory system standard continues between M-LOK and KeyMod. According to some sources, M-LOK may be closing the gap that KeyMod created with the first mover advantage.

    Richard Johnson

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