Calling all AMD-65 Owners

    An AMD-65 Users from Afganistan

    Zoltan is old friend of ours who runs He reached out to me asking if I can help him with a project he is working on. He wrote …

    The main designer is Zala Karoly (Karoly Zala). He is nearing 80 years old. I want to show him that there are fans and users of the weapon all over the world.

     What I need from owner of an AMD-65 is a picture from the AMD, and a state/country, maybe a nickname. If you would like to be in the photo holding your gun that is even better, but not required.

    I think it would be a nice act to make an old man happy and also for owners to celebrate their rifles.

    Please send your photo to [email protected]

    Come on TFB, lets help Zoltan out.

    Steve Johnson

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