AR-15 Prophylactics on Amazon

    When one has to operate completely operationally, covering ones rifle shaft is a necessity. Recognizing this, a Amazon seller aptly named “AR-15 Condoms” is offering just that, an AR-15 Condom. Tousted as perfect to avoid STDs (Sh*t, Trash, and Debris), the condoms are purposefully sized to A2 flash hiders (sorry, no magnum sizes). This one is designed to break too, “simply shoot through it(!)”.

    All joking aside (and trust me, I could crack many), these are actually quite useful. Its been well-established history that US and various other forces use condoms and similar covers to cover the barrel of weapons when on patrol, especially when in a maritime environment. Keeping water out of a 5.56 caliber barrel is critical, otherwise one risks blowing up the barrel. (On the flip side, a barrel condom can make a water-logged weapon worse by not allowing fast drainage).


    The AR-15 Condom is available on for $7.99 (20-Pack) with free shipping via their Prime service. The AR-15 Condoms are manufactured from Nitrile rubber which is Water Proof and UV resistant. The 20 pack comes in a reusable “tactical reusable pouch” which I don’t know if I would reuse…

    Sadly, no word on bright colors, candy flavoring, ribbed, bumped, raised, novelties, or magnum sizes.

    Nathan S

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