Spectacular Machine Gun Collection

    1. I was at a local indoor action match a couple weeks ago. This guy came over and commented on my Wiselite Sterling Mk4 and Zenith Firearms MKE Z-5RS. He asked about the MP5 clone and then asked “Want to see a real MK4 and MP5?” Yes, yes I would. He had his friend go fetch them. We talked a bit waiting for the friend to return and he showed me some photos of his collection on his phone. I mentioned that I am a writer for TFB and so he invited me to check out his collection. There are some rather rare guns in his collection.


    Everything on this wall is full auto. DSC_0019


    Here are his Singapore Ultimax 100 Mk 2 and Ultimax 100 Mk 4. The recoil is non-existent.


    Some RPKs and an RPD.


    These are not select fire but interesting.


    HK91s with registered sear packs.



    Some full auto AKs

    DSC_0027 DSC_0028


    Then we have his beltfed section. All working and all full auto.



    Here is a PKM



    An MG42.



    Water cooled 1919 .



    Another 1919. There are two more in this collection.



    A BAR with Swedish pistol grip. He says there is no modification it is a simple bolt on.



    I have been invited to pick a couple to shoot when the weather gets warmer. I cannot wait. Much of this collection is like “Pearls before swine” as I do not know much about machine guns other than the generic select fire guns. Belt Fed weapons are completely foreign to me. The owner is willing to teach me about them and you will see a bunch of articles in the future detailing some of this fantastic collection.

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