SPAR – Straight-Pull AR-15 from Italian BCM Europearms

    The Italian company BCM Europearms recently showed an AR-15 type rifle named SPAR (Straight-Pull AR) in .223 Remington, with 9 mm and .308 Winchester versions to follow.

    Why straight-pull when semi-auto is so much more fun, you may ask?

    In some countries you simply have no other choice than a straight-pull, and the gun laws within the European Union are under heavy debate at the moment. Where it all ends no one knows, but perhaps this is the future and not a very distant one?

    Both the upper and the lower is manufactured in Italy, CNC machined from aluminium.

    Actually the upper looks a lot like the Italian ADC (Armi Dallera Custom), and it would surprise me if it’s not the same CAD. The lower is obviously modified, but some of the design is still there. If you know more please tell us in the comments section below.


    ADC’s version in Ferrari-red below. This version is semi-auto and shoots very nice. In fact the multiple-winner of the European Championships in IPSC Rifle, Raine Peltakoski, shoots ADC so it’s not a bad rifle at all.


    Picture from another test of ADC AR-15

    The BCM lower is compatible to any semi-automatic upper, but the upper receiver is designed so that it cannot be used in any semi-auto functions: there is no gas system.

    Furniture like pistol grips, stocks etc. is bought in from other suppliers.

    There is no record of where the barrels are made, but they are available in lengths from 10″ to 22″. I would guess that Lothar Walther is the barrel supplier, as with ADC.

    The compensator is their own design and built in-house. I am unsure of the handguard.


    Left hand charge. I guess they forgot to mount the normal charging handle on the pictures.


    With normal charging handle and bipod mounted.


    Not sure what I think of this design and opening of the mag well, but it’s different.


    Strange design to remove a large hole in the magazine well. I’d rather keep the weight and not have to worry about dirt and dust getting another access into my rifle.

    It looks like it is possible to mount a right hand charge as well, or both.


    Top view – left hand charge. I guess this piece has to be unmounted to remove the bolt carrier.


    Detailed picture of the BCM compensator.





    Other suppliers of straight-pull, or similar loading, I know of are Troy (pumps), HERA Arms (special order) and Lantac U.K.

    If you know of more suppliers please write in the comments below. I’m thinking about getting one now…


    Eric B

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