New H&K G3 accessories from Spuhr AB

    February is coming to an end. Spring is soon here, which means exhibition time in Europe and time to tell our TFB followers about some new interesting products and news.

    (Enforce Tac on March 2-3 followed by IWA Outdoor Classics 2016 on March 4-7 in Nürnberg, Germany.)

    The Swedish based company Spuhr will be releasing some interesting news for owners of the Heckler & Koch G3. The G3 was designed in the 1950s and is still in service in many countries. It is likely that instead of investing in completely new rifle systems, many countries will opt for modernization and upgrades of their current G3s.

    The Swedish Armed Forces version of the H&K G3A3 is called “Ak 4” (Automatkarbin 4) and was manufactured between 1965 and 1985.

    The Ak4 rifle is today used by the Swedish Home Guard, and around 5.000 Ak4s will be getting some or all of these upgrades from Spuhr.

    Spuhr is probably most known for their ISMS (Ideal Scope Mount System), which is used by Special Forces around the World as well as demanding individuals.

    Before you continue reading, please note that deliveries of these parts will start towards the end of 2016, no matter how loud you shout.


    Prototype of Spuhr’s G3 stock

    Spuhr’s latest creation is a G3 Stock with LOP (Length Of Pull) from 12,5″ to 15,75″ (32 – 40 cm).


    The stock is optimized for optics, like an Aimpoint as pictured for instance, or open sights which are mounted higher than the stock ones.

    There will be cheek supports in different heights, but the intention is not for it to work with the original open sights as they will be too low.


    The G3 keeps its original recoil buffer tube etc. with this design.


    Above, the Spuhr G3 forend in aluminium, with the Spuhr interface.

    The Spuhr Interface is described as a light weight solution that enables the user to mount accessories with a perfect fit.

    The interface consists of two threaded holes with dual conical parts that will hold any parts securely with repeatability. The direct mount has the advantage of being stronger and sturdier than if using a Picatinny interface in between, with benefits like lower profile and weight.

    The Spuhr forend has the same weight as the original plastic one (around 300 grams), but obviously opens up a new world in terms of configurability if there is a need to add lamps, lasers, bipod, grips or sights depending on the mission.




    Swedish Home Guard – Not an official morale patch, but you get the idea.


    In the US, Spuhr can be found at Mile High Shooting Accessories.

    There is a new 2016 catalog to download for those interested: here.

    Again, please note that deliveries of these HK G3 upgrades will start towards the end of 2016.

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