The Philippine Militarys Suppressed Grease Guns

    The M3 Grease Gun is one of my favorite firearms from WWII, it was ugly but it was simple, cheap to produce and they worked. In fact they worked so well that the US Army used them with select units such as radio operators, engineers and vehicle and tank crews well into the 2000’s, supposedly. Anyone know how true that really is? There was also that M3 Grease Gun that was turned into the police last year, luckily the cops were cool and were trying to find a museum to take it. Over 700,000 Grease Guns were produced for the war effort, I’m sure still there’s a few more hidden in someone’s attic or barn yet to be discovered.


    There is one nation that still uses the M3 Grease Gun and they even upgraded it. The Philippine Marines currently still use the M3 for boarding ships. Their armorers outfitted their old M3s with a red dot, a suppressor and a new paint job. I actually wrote about their suppressed M3 Grease Guns a while back, but after our post about illegal firearms manufacturing in the Philippines I thought I’d share another interesting gun post about the Philippines with TFB’s readers. There seems to be a lot of interesting gun news coming from that island nation.


    Check out their suppressed Grease Gun in action below, it’s pretty bad ass. Anyway we can get one sent out to Hickok45 for some testing?

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