New AR Stock from FAB Defense

    Odds are good you have an AR-15 – or two, or three – in your gun safe. One of the great things about the popularity of the AR-15 is the not only the number of options out there for purchasing the gun itself but the phenomenal number of after-market parts. You certainly have options when it comes to after-market additions to your AR and when it comes to stocks those options are practically endless. But can your stocks do what the new FAB Defense stock does?F

    FAB Defense now has the GL MAG (the full-length name listed on the company’s website is “M4 ‘Survival’ Buttstock w/Built-In Mag Carrier”). As you’ve probably deduced from the stock’s full-length name this is a stock with a feature that really will come in handy: a built-in mag well. The well is located on the underside of the stock immediately forward of the butt. It’s designed for a 10-round magazine and, in fact, ships with a single 10-round polymer mag. However, it can take standard 15 to 30 round mags as well. According to FAB Defense it’s compatible with all standard 5.56x45mm M16/M4/AR-15 magazines.

    The GL MAG is 43mm wide, 130mm high, and 180mm long. Empty weight is 354 grams. In addition to classic black it’s being offered in olive green and flat dark earth.

    FAB Defense bills their new stock as being the answer to being able to replace an empty magazine with a new one without raising your head from your rifle. It definitely merits a closer look.

    MSRP isn’t listed but Brownell’s has it listed at $108.65. Take a look on FAB Defense’s site at

    From FAB Defense:

    • Sleek design with no protruding parts, will not get caught on gear or webbing
    • Keeps all of the characteristics of the M4 buttstock, while incorporating a State of the Art magazine carrier
    • Positioned close by for convenient mag change , providing you with the edge you need
    • Incorporates a quick release button for swift clip change
    • Does not interfere or change ’ buttstock to shoulder’ positioning 
    • Integrated ambidextrous quick detach rear sling swivel connectors
    • Fits perfectly on both Mil-Spec and commercial tubes
    • Made from mil-spec reinforced polymer composite
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