Complete Glock Reference Guide Available from Lone Wolf

    So, now that I have been playing around with modifications to my Glock 17 in the pursuit of building a “race” gun, or NotGlock, I have started to encounter interesting issues. Take for example, installing a Ghost Elite Trigger Connecter which requires fitting…

    I was able to get it installed but had not quite ground the tab down enough, and as a result could not fully pull the trigger (which is a required step) to disassemble the pistol (for those of you that are unfamiliar with how to disassemble a Glock, that is). Definitely a little bit of a panic until I “googled” a buddy of mine that walked me through the steps to remove the slide plate and release the tension. Yes, yes, I know I could have YouTubed it, but the point remains, I should probably have consulted a factory service manual (or other publication)… Heck, I have the full factory service manual for my Jeep (which cost nearly $400 at the time), and never do work without consulting it first. Why should my Glock be any different?

    So, how fortuitous that not three days later I get notified that Lone Wolf Distributors bought the rights to the “Complete Glock Reference Guide” from PTOOMA Productions and is making it available to mere plebes like myself for only $30. Honestly, I thought it would be in the hundreds of dollars range.  And I know you used to be able to get the PTOOMA online a while back–I just hadn’t seen one in a while.

    For over a decade, the Complete Glock Reference Guide has been known as the most in-depth and complete resource, when it comes to all things Glock. Lone Wolf Distributors is proud to announce that the exclusive rights have been purchased from PTOOMA Productions, and now the Complete Glock Reference Guide is better than ever! With the release of the 4th edition; the updates include all current models GEN 1-4, including the G43. With close to 300 pages and hundreds of diagrams; the CGRG is a factual alternative to the inconsistent info commonly found online. The 4th Edition of the CGRG is in stock and shipping now! Click here for more info.

    Mine is already on order. If nothing else I like the idea of having an offline reference I can go to in event I need information. Plus it has pretty pictures… 🙂

    You can find it available at their website:

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