Because Short Barrel Rifle Suppressed Mosin Nagant… That’s Why!

    Iraq Verteran 8888’s “Fugly, Mark II” has been slowly coming into being. The previous “Fugly, Mark I” underwent a serious round of modifications and has evolved into an arguably nearly modern weapon systems. Eric and crew know their way around the platform, having previously played with the KGB version of the rifle. 

    The rifle is now configured as the following:

    • Base 9130 Mosin Nagant, “Norwegian Green” Duracoated.
    • Barrel cut-down to 10″
    • AAC Dual Port Muzzle Brake, 51/T Adapter
    • MVB Ark AR-15 shorty stock.
    • Vortex Sparc with Rail Adapter
    • AK Grip
    • Suppressor w/ Heat Cover

    Despite the utterly absurdity of the creation (the Sparc stands out as tan on the Hulk-like green weapon), using home-brew subsonic loads, the weapon pings out to 100 yards without issue, making some 22 rimfire weapons hand their heads in shame.

    Outside the sheer entertainment value of the completed weapon (of which I have had the privilege of seeing Fugly, Mark 1 in the flesh, it shows what can be done to inexpensive weapon systems with a bit of “en-gen-eering”.

    How would you do your own home-brew Mosin? Keep it close to stock or put the “Fugly” to shame?

    Or, use it as a Golf Ball Launcher?



    Nathan S

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