Uzkon AS46 Shotgun


    Uzkon Arms Defense Ltd announced a new shotgun called the AS46. This new scattergun has a pump action and is in a pistol type configuration without a stock. Expected to be shown at the IWA Outdoor Classics in March 2016, the new 12 gauge shotgun is fed from a detachable, box style magazine. The magazines hold five shells, and the company will ship the AS46 with two magazines.

    Uzkon uses a receiver made of 7075 aluminum that has a 4140 steel bolt. The barrel is also made of 4140 steel. The end of the barrel is topped with a flash hider. The hider has spikes on it, but the company has not stated if they are intended to be functional, such as a stand off device, or merely decorative to give it a more “tactical” feel.

    The AS46 has an M16 style carry handle that includes the rear sight assembly. The front sight is mounted in a tower located at the forward end of the barrel shroud. The top of the hand guard has Picatinny type rails for the addition of an optic or other desired accessory.

    On the Uzkon Arms website, the company is also showing an AS46-OP1 shotgun with a folding stock. Otherwise, the gun looks to be the same as the AS46.

    Uzkon Arms Defense Ltd is based in the NATO member country of Turkey. The company makes other shotguns such as the BR-99.

    Richard Johnson

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