New Scope Base for Lever-Action Rifles

    Lever-action rifles are fantastic guns whether you’re interested in a walk down Wild West memory lane, looking for a new hunting rifle, or just want a good gun for target practice. Of course, they can also be harder to outfit when it comes to after-market parts, especially optics. If you’re interested in mounting a scope on your lever-action rifle there’s something new from Skinner Sights, LLC, that just might make your life a little easier: the Skinner Express lever-action scope base.

    The new scope base is precision machined and engineered for an exact fit; no gunsmith is needed to mount the Skinner Express to your rifle. As for tools, those are included along with detailed instructions. This base is made for use with Warne 7.3 or medium-high Talley rings. A great feature of the new scope base is its aperture backup sight. Thanks to the backup sight you have the ability to use irons if something were to happen to force you to temporarily remove your scope.

    From Skinner Sights: The “iron” sight features removable inserts in 0.096 diameter from the factory with optional inserts at $11.00 each in 0.040, 0.070, 0.125, 0.155-inch diameter and if the insert is left out the sight becomes a ghost ring, handy for heavy cover shooting.

    The Skinner Express base and sight fixture fits Marlin 1895/336, all large frame Marlin lever actions and Henry large frame .30-30s, .45-70s and the new Henry .308 Win.

    These are not mass-produced products which is something the company’s owner, Andy Larsson, is rightfully proud of: “I can make more money by cranking out mass production but I also got into this business due to my love of beautiful rifles. Our sights and systems reflect one at a time precision fit and finish and a level of craftsmanship befitting any firearm regardless of brand or cost.”

    Speaking as someone who has spent enjoyable time with a few lever-actions both at the range and hunting, I have to say this is a product I would definitely like to try – and I know just the Marlin 1895 to try it on.

    MSRP: Blued carbon steel……$169 Stainless steel………….$179 Black Gold……………..$189

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