HTC Low Vis Battle Belt

    High Threat Concealment is coming out with a battle belt (war belt, bat belt, patrol belt, utility belt) that is MOLLE compatible and is a step up from their Low Pro Gun Rig, that Military Arms Channel has a good review of. Essentially it is a cloth material, that has a space in it, so you can insert a belt through to actually use as a belt, that’ll hold it to your waist. However the outside is all MOLLE, with a raised portion in the rear for admin pouches, radio pouches, or magazine pouches that take up more MOLLE space. The inside of it is velcro, so it can snap onto an existing velcro lined belt that you might have on your pants, to prevent moving around. Unlike the HTC Low Pro rig, it looks a little larger, and thus is Low Vis, instead of Low Pro. Not as concealable as their simple Cobra belt with all plastic accessory parts, but I can see where this one is more for people who want the versatility of MOLLE, while not getting too bulky with it to begin with. It also can be neatly folded in half to store it somewhere while not in use. It comes in either Black or Coyote Brown and is $105 on their website.

    Each Low Vis Battle Belt™ will come with a Micro Grip Belt Panel for standalone use without an underbelt. The Low Viz Battle Belt™ is offered in two sizes, Small (recommended for 30-35″ waists) and Medium (recommended for 36″+ waists). The Medium belt is slightly longer and offers one additional section of the PALS grid on each end (see photo for comparison). Optional Velcro underbelts are also available to lock the padded platform in place on the waistline. (The optional underbelt is unnecessary if you add either a Tactical Cobra Belt or Low Pro Belt to your order as both include an underbelt already.)

    The Low Vis Battle Belt™ works in conjunction with most HTC™ belts, including our leather Low Pro Belt™, Tactical Cobra Belt, and the Cobra Tactical Riggers Belt. Holsters, carriers, and other equipment attach via an exterior PALS grid. The Low Vis Battle Belt™ can be purchased as an add-on for those customers already running a Low Profile System™ or other HTC™ equipment.

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