More Wood For AR15

    So I posted that article about Wood For Your AR. That wood furniture is nice but I prefer a more modern approach. Here are two examples by Instagram accounts @TheZombieMilitia and @anibal999r made some wood accessories and accents to their modern style AR15s.


    Here is the AR by @anibal999r

    Zombie 6


    @thezombiemilitia was inspired by @anibal999r and made his own. The wood was hand cut other than one saw cut he made.

    Ended up redoing the handguard. Love the way it came out. Minus an initial saw cut, everything else was done by hand. next gonna work on the stock, then staining!

    Zombie 5

    Going to put veneer on the cheek piece. I borrowed this idea from @anibal999r

    Zombie 4


    Here is his work. He is still waiting on the upper and the rest of the components to complete his AR build.

    Zombie 3

    He made a wooden vertical grip that is detachable.

    Zombie 2 Zombie 1


    Compared to the WoodForAR15 classic style wooden furniture, these looks amazing. I would actually like to get a set to run on one of my ARs.

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