3.5″ Cobra Pumps

    Cobra Pumps

    TriStar announced that the company would now sell its 12 gauge Cobra pump action shotguns with 3.5″ chambers. The new guns will be called Cobra Mag shotguns.

    The new shotguns will come in two varieties: a plain black model and a second model decked out in the Realtree Max 5 camouflage pattern. In addition to having a 3.5″ chamber, both Cobra Mag scatterguns will have 28″ barrels that take the Beretta/Benelli mobile-style choke tubes. Improved cylinder, modified and full chokes will be included with the gun.

    Both guns use synthetic stocks and furniture. The forend features a ribbed texture that allows for additional friction when pumping hard in wet conditions. TriStar includes a fiber optic front sight standard on both guns.

    TriStar positions the Cobra line as an affordable pump action shotgun that offers excellent reliability and good features. The company aims to make the Cobra Mag affordable as well. The synthetic black version carries a suggested retail price of $395. The Realtree Max 5 version will retail for $455.

    TriStar shotguns are made in Turkey and imported through Kansas City. These shoguns are backed by a five year warranty. In addition to pump action shotguns, the company offers other firearms including handguns and over under guns. Tom R recently reviewed the company’s T-120 pistol.

    Richard Johnson

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