POTD: Custom Mini Draco SBR

    Kit sent us photos of his customized  Century Arms Mini Draco ….

    This gun started out as a Mini Draco pistol. I added a Midwest Industries quad rail and a Texas Weapons Systems top cover and stuck a Bushnell TRS-25 red dot on the TWS rail for lower third co-witness. After I got my ATF permission slip, I drilled and tapped the back of the receiver M12x1.0 for a Czech Vz. 58 folding stock and put a BCM shorty angled foregrip on, angled forward so it doesn’t interfere with the magazine. The sling is also from a Vz. 58, as a standard AK sling is wider than the slot on the Czech stock. That’s a Griffin taper mount flash hider on there, and it does a pretty good job of reducing muzzle flash (from massive to just huge). I call this my “suchka,” which is not a very nice word in Russian. You don’t want to be next to it at the range, but actually shooting it is not bad at all. Next step is to figure out how to reduce the gas pressure so it runs reliably with the can on.



    Very nice! Thanks Kit.