Recycled Brass: DIY Brass Knuckles

    Disclaimer: These are for decorative purposes only.

    Ok so we have seen some people “recycle” brass in some clever ways. Jewellery, headphone ear buds, arts and crafts. This is a bit more in depth. Most “recycling” leaves the brass intact. Like the .50 BMG bottle openers. This guy melts them down at home. I do not know anything about home foundries so if anyone dabbles in this please chime in.

    Grant Thompson of “The King of Random” melts down .223 brass and pours them into a sand mold to make a set of brass knuckles.


    He should have used .22LR brass since no one really reloads those.

    Phil Note:
    Our readers most likely know but brass knuckles are very much illegal in every state I know of.

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