Gun Safes: Just How Strong Is Yours?

    Gun safes have been on our minds as of late thanks to a recent rush of said safes on the market. Among those recently announced: Winchester’s 150th Anniversary safe and Realtree’s under-the-bed and stackable safe. Just how theft-proof is your safe? Unfortunately for one Missouri gun owner, it wasn’t enough.

    A photo found its way onto Facebook recently showing a safe with an admittedly impressive gaping hole in its face. At first the photo was accompanied with the statement that the man who owned the safe in question had been robbed, and a list of contents would follow. After seeing the photo many gun owners undoubtedly began questioning their own storage practices, and for good reason.

    The average gun owner either has no actual safe, simply using a cheap lockbox or nothing at all, or uses a safe that simply is not capable of getting the job done. Many upright safes are inexpensively made, and although it is certainly better to¬† have something rather than nothing it is also worth saving up to buy a truly well-made safe. Even safes you might consider strong are worthless if they’re small or lightweight enough to simply be carried off if they are not bolted down.

    In the case of the Facebook poster a few things come clear once you examine the photo, with one thing being first and foremost: the robbers seem to have known what they were after, because they clearly hit his house carrying the necessary tools for the job. It takes time to cut through an upright safe such as this one, which was apparently made by Browning. Interestingly there are a few long guns visible to the left of the ravaged safe. According to the owner those guns were originally inside the safe.

    The robbery took place on February 9, 2016 in Smithton, Missouri.

    A list of stolen items from inside the safe, from the owner:

    My class ring 1996 Smithton
    Dads class ring 1957
    $1500 cash

    Hand guns

    Smith & Wesson 38 special revolver
    Ser# 13k8384

    Smith & Wesson 22 long rifle
    Ser# k 8666

    High standard supermatic trophy 22lr
    Ser# ml34219

    Colt DA 38 with what I’m calling a lady’s grip
    Very old gun
    Ser# 113399 last number unclear

    Walther p99qa 9mm
    Ser# 500200

    Springfield armory xds 9mm


    Marlin 22mag Black synthetic stock stainless
    Ser# 02296851 aetec 3.8-12 x 49 scope

    Winchester model70 22-250 bull barrel
    Ser#876987 with
    bushnell sportview 5-20×40 Ser#74-5204

    Weatherby mark V 257 magnum

    Remington model 700 25-06
    Ser#b6247947 taco 4-16×40 scope

    Winchester model 70 264win mag

    Marlin model 740a-emn 30-30
    Ser#69139591 bushnell 4×12

    Military rifle made in Italy “fat” on but of rifle

    Remington speedmaster model 241 22lr

    Browning Belgium 22lr

    Winchester model63 22lr

    Mossberg and sons model 151m-b 22lr

    Remington 1100 12 gauge skeet barrel
    Ser#m237263v SKEET-B

    Stag arms ar with eotech holographic site
    Have photo but can’t read ser#

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