Burris announces new turret adjustment knobs

    Burris Optics has announced some new products, in the form of turret adjustment knobs. This system is known as the Modular Adjustment Dial (M.A.D) System and is now currently for sale. Essentially it allows owners of select XTR II™ and Veracity® Burris scopes to purchase these knobs and replace the original factory ones they came with. Knobs in question are the outside adjustment knobs and not the internal adjustment ones, these stay on the scope. Styles and designs include Mil or MOA Marked Capped Knobs (low and tall options available), Mil or MOA Marked Exposed Knobs (low, single-turn and tall, multi-turn available), Custom-Lasered Capped Knobs, or Custom-Lasered Exposed Knobs. The Custom Knobs can be tailored to a particular caliber that a shooter wants, for that calibers trajectory. While the others can come in either Mil or Minute of Angle adjustments on the supplied M.A.D knobs. The capped knobs are made so that the inner adjustments can be made, but a cap is screwed over the entire turret, thus protecting it from any bang that might happen while hunting. However, the company realized that alot of its customers who were into hunting, were also into long range shooting, where you need to be able to adjust the turrets for different ranges to be effective. However when they return to hunting, they can screw the protective caps back on, and the scope adjustments will be protected from any problems while in the field.


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