Muzzle mounted laser shot analysis

    A fellow by the name of Heinz Reinkemeier has a public Facebook Page where he has uploaded a number of fascinating videos to watch, of airgun competitors in Europe. From what I can tell, he appears to be German and is also either a coach or a manufacturer of these muzzle laser devices, but he is certainly a talented videographer. The laser devices I’m talking about are programmed into a computer system that allows someone to view the actual movement of the muzzle, during the course of fire. So even the most minute movement of the rifle by the competitor is sensed up to the point of discharge, wherein the movement marker changes color to purple from the previous green. Thus, you can visually see where the shooter is putting their sights on target, and how they are going through the steps of breathing, aiming, and finally firing the air gun. They look like a fantastic learning tool, for serious competitive shooters in this sort of setting (as opposed to more fluid shooting competitions). It is apart of a start up company/app/contraption called the MEC Shot App and I assume Heinz is a developer of it. Unfortunately my German is as good as my ancient Latin, and can’t research as much about this interesting device as I could, if any of our German readers are willing, it would be great to have some input on this in the comments section!

    This is from his webpage

    As sportpsychologist and rifle-coach I train international shooters with olympic ambitions. About these experiences and discoveries I write books which are published in different languages. In between I enjoy the construction and design of stocks, sighters and other equipment for shooters. Our latest project is the MEC-Shot App, developed to keep shooters results and to analyse them.


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