[GAO] Got Wood For Your AR?

    WoodForAR15.com was at the Great American Outdoor Show. They make wooden furniture for the AR-15 platform.

    IMG_9763 IMG_9762 IMG_9761

    At the show the cheapest set was $169.


    Here are some pictures from their website of how the furniture is made.

    HowTo.10SpecialtySet1_p1 HowTo.10SpecialtySet2_p1 HowTo.10SpecialtySet2_p2


    There aren’t any prices that i could find on their website, but you can contact them for more information.

    1017 W 8th Ave
    PO Box 1108
    Mitchell, SD 57301
    Phone: (605) 996-7474
    Fax: (605) 996-7480
    [email protected]

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