Mossberg’s New MVP Scout-Scope Combo

    MVP Combo

    Since its introduction several years ago, the MVP line of rifles from O. F. Mossberg & Sons have proven to be fairly popular with many people. The guns are bolt action rifles that feed from commonly available detachable magazines. For the 5.56 NATO version, the magazine used is the standard AR-15 pattern mag. The 7.62 rifle uses LR308/SR25 pattern magazines.

    For 2016, the company added an additional model option to the MVP Scout rifles chambered in 7.62×51. The new model is a scoped package that adds glass to the purchase for improved shooting precision.

    Mossberg selected the Vortex 2-7×32 Crossfire II Scout Scope for the MVP rifle. As one would expect, the scope has extended eye-relief and is mounted in a forward position. The scope uses the Vortex V-Plex reticle and has multi-coated lenses. Mossberg uses Vortex Viper rings to attach the scope to the gun.┬áThe standard sights – fiber optic front and ghost ring rear – still come with the gun.

    A 10-round magazine is included with the purchase of the rifle. Higher capacity magazines will also work in the gun.

    The MVP Scout has a 16.25″ barrel with a medium profile. A flash suppressor is attached to the end. The stock is synthetic. The barrel and receiver have a matte blue finish and the stock is black. With an unloaded magazine, the approximate weight of this rifle and scope is 9 pounds.

    Richard Johnson

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