Armtac Monotube Integral Suppressor

    Very interesting. Having shot my 22LR rifles with my Spectre II and seeing the VSO Gun Channel talk about the YHM Integral suppressor, this Armtac sounds impressive.

    ARMTAC Monotube integral suppressor on a CZ 455 .22 bolt action rifle. THIS is more than “movie gun quiet.”


    Here is a video of Armtac’s M&P15-22 suppressed.


    I was able to get similar performance using Aguila Sniper SubSonic 60gr .22LR out of my M&P15-22

    I could not find a price for the monotube suppressor barrel. I did find this on their website.

    Armtac has taken its proven “Monotube” integral .22 suppressors & retooled it “Reaver-Style”.

    Gone is the traditional sleeved barrel & separate baffle stack we used in our monocores.

    The Reaver .22 now features our true one-piece integral suppressor.

    The barrel assembly is a 7075 T6 Aluminum sleeve. The baffle stack is a 420 Stainless Steel barrel liner with a 321 Stainless Steel removable o-ringed tube that covers the barrel and suppressor assembly.

    Oh yeah, it comes off for cleaning as well.


    For more information check out

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