New TecGrip Holsters


    Blackhawk recently announced a new series of holsters that can be used in a variety of carry positions. The new rigs are called the TecGrip holsters. According to the company, the holsters can be purchasedĀ as either an inside the waistband or pocket rig.

    The exterior of the holster is covered by a material that has “microscopic gripping fingers.” According to Blackhawk, this material is so grippy that it can safely carry a handgun in an IWB position without the need for straps or clips to hold it in place. Likewise, it will grip the inside of a pocket so that when the handgun is drawn, the holster does not come out with it.

    Of course, this type of holster is not a new concept. Other companies like Remora and Sticky Holsters currently make holsters with a material that claims to act in a similar manner. Based on the feedback I have received on those rigs, it would seem that these kinds of holsters are popular with many people. It makes sense that Blackhawk would pursue part of that market with its own design.

    Blackhawk states they will make the TecGrip holsters in a variety of sizes and styles to fit a wide range of handguns. A suggested retail price has not yet been announced.

    Richard Johnson

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