Sub Sonic .22 Magnum

    I came across these the Saturday before SHOT Show 2016. Winchester makes a sub-sonic round in .22 Magnum. I didn’t think such thing existed. Somewhat like a Unicorn. It is mystical and rumored. Many say it doesn’t exist and is impractical. Well this unicorn ammo does exist. The only problem is that they are only available in Australia. I approached Winchester at SHOT Show to inquire about this round. Unfortunately Australia is independent of the US Winchester branch so there is no way to get some from USA Winchester.

    I am surprised they went with a 45gr bullet and not a 60gr bullet. Aguila makes their Sniper SubSonic .22LR round using a 60gr bullet. Even though it says that it is for bolt action, I was able to get it to cycle in my S&W M&P 15-22



    I am curious how a 60gr .22wmr would work. If Aguila can do it to a .22LR, then why not on a .22wmr casing?

    Some people would think “why would you want a .22 Magnum sub sonic?”. My reply is: “So that I can shoot my Kel-Tec CMR-30 suppressed quietly”. I can already shoot my CMR-30 suppressed but I want to experience shooting a subsonic round out of that gun. Is it practical? Not really. I just want to try it. Can anyone in Australia send me a box?


    Edit: Ben N. sent me a picture from Australia. Close but not at box of ammo yet LOL.
    22 subsonic

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