MSBS Greenlit To Adoption Pending Polish State Trials, Ahead of “Titan” Program

    The Polish government has greenlit the adoption of the MSBS rifle platform, pending state tests of the weapon, ahead and independent of the larger scope rearmament program “Titan” (sometimes also rendered “Titanium”). The reason for this is the much higher level of development of the MSBS system versus other components of the Titan program, however before MSBS is adopted it will still have to pass all the standards set by the Titan program. From (pardon the poor machine translation):

    Polish Army plans to purchase 5.56 mm rifles basic MSBS-5.56, when only pass qualification tests. Will be part of the program Titanium or independently of it.

    Land Forces are interested in how the fastest purchasing a new system of small arms.  So far, 10 rifles basic MSBS 5.56-party implementation have been bought by the Inspectorate of Armament attempts to Titan, and a dozen more are tested by one of the uniformed services / Photo: Bartosz Szymonik

    Land Forces are interested in how the fastest purchasing a new system of small arms. So far, 10 rifles basic MSBS 5.56-party implementation have been bought by the Inspectorate of Armament attempts to Titan, and a dozen more are tested by one of the uniformed services / Photo: Bartosz Szymonik

    As learned RAPORT-wto , Land Forces are interested in the introduction of new weapons to arm an individual. This can occur not even in the current year (tests take several months). The stake purchase rifles basic MSBS-5.56 in the classical system (MSBS-5,56K) to the ammunition 5.56 mm x 45 grenade launchers mounted cartridge 40 mm x 46SR-knives and bayonets. All these elements are developed as part of the subsystem weapons advanced individual combat system Titanium. Sam carbine has already passed the certification test, according to the assumptions Weapon Factory.

    We realize that MSBS-5.56 is now almost ready project, and on the introduction of a full, combat system Titanium will have to wait a few more years , said REPORT-wto representative of the Army. That is why we are ready for the purchase of new rifles, the only weapon pass required by the Armed Forces qualification tests (state) .

    The program Titanium is currently delayed by nine months in relation to its schedule ( Titanium negotiated , 2014-06-27). Much of the tactical and technical assumptions, is at the final stage of approval. However, after the completion of this stage and passing qualification tests, nothing stands in the way to enter MSBS-5.56 faster than the other elements of the Polish soldier of the future .However, the weapon will still have to pass all the tests in the framework of Titan.

    Not considered in detail the formal procedures that could allow an earlier purchase of weapons , added the interviewee REPORT-wto .We, however, there are mechanisms of conduct that allow purchase rifles MSBS-5.56 in the framework of already signed agreements for the development of the Titan or whatever her . Later may be to adjust the accessories mounted on the rifle into the combat system, but it does not change the structure itself ( Debut collimator for Titan , 2015-09-03; Award for Rubin , 2015-05-26; Sapphire – a small big news PCO , 2013: 09-02).

    The new system of small arms has been developed by the Military Technical Academy (WAT) and Radom Weapon Factory Archer and financed from the budget of these institutions, as well as the funds until the three ministries of science and higher education, the economy and national defense. Thus, in accordance with the European Union, do not have to announce a formal tender for the weapon. After the adoption of rifles to arm the Polish Army, I immediately want to start production samopowtarzalnych variety of weapons on the civilian market ( SHOT Show 2016, Archer at the show in the USA , 2016-01-19).

    Currently, out of ten MSBS 5.56-party implementation bought by the Inspectorate of Armament test Titan ( first-MSBS 5.56 for MON , 2015-09-05), several rifles is further tested by one of the uniformed services. The weapon is trying, among others, in Warsaw and Gdansk. As learned RAPORT-wto , the potential user is very interested in new development to the cartridge 5.56 mm x 45 NATO, which is to replace the previously used models. He would like, however, instead of the basic rifle with a 406-mm barrel, enter the abbreviated variant with a barrel length of 250-280 mm.

    Modular Development System Arms 5.56 mm (5.56-MSBS) began in December 2007 with the cooperation of WAT and Archer . The main objective pursued designers was to develop a system of shooting with one common chamber castle, which would be included in other modules-teams. This allows you to create a family of automatic rifles in the classical system and the butt of different lengths and different barrels tactical use.

    In December 2009, we presented four demonstrators of the technology , which is the basic shooting rifles, and in August 2012 the four models of weapons in the classical system. A year later, they completed 12-of prototypes MSBS 5.56. By the end of 2015 formed parts and assemblies allowing the submission of a hundred rifles party implementation. Archer is also working on a system-based MSBS-5.56 kinds of weapon to another ammunition ( Prototypes guns MSBS-7.62 at MSPO , 2016-01-09).

    As mentioned in the article, Fabryka Broni will attend to meeting the needs of the Polish Army first, before importation of the MSBS can begin to the United States (and, presumably, elsewhere). However, with the MSBS rifleĀ fast-tracked to adoption, it seems like fewer and fewer obstacles stand in the way of the Polish rifles being sold on the US market. Representatives from Fabryka Broni explained that MSBS had not been approved by the BATFE, but that talks between them were still ongoing, and the company will continue to seek approval.

    On the military side, the Polish Army appears to be paying attention to recent developments in small arms and ammunition, as they are considering improved 5.56mm loads, as well as a very short-barreled variant with a 10-11″ barrel.

    Nathaniel F

    Nathaniel is a history enthusiast and firearms hobbyist whose primary interest lies in military small arms technological developments beginning with the smokeless powder era. He can be reached via email at [email protected]