Bringing the Lee Enfield into the 21st Century, Indian style

    These aren’t the Indian Ishapore 7.62x51mm rifles that served the Indian armed forces and we have so many of in the U.S. These are 8x50R┬áMannlicher chambered Lee Enfields that are available to the public. The choice of cartridge, or otherwise known as .315 caliber is because of the laws in India, similar to Pakistan, where civilians can’t own small arms in military calibers such as 7.62x39mm. However in this case, we have an Indian take on modernizing the Lee Enfield, complete with a wire folding stock, picatinny rails on top of a carrying handle, and a skeletonized pistol grip. It also has sling swivels on the grip, and at the base of the forend, before the picatinny rail begins. The stock folds to the left via a push button on the right side. It doesn’t look like a very comfortable stock, being just a single metal rod curved into an odd shape, especially for a hunting rifle like it is designed for. The company that produces the civilian legal rifle is the Ordnance Factory Tiruchirappalli, which is the same company that manufactures the INSAS service rifle, currently in military use, and facing alot of design problems. The stock on the other hand, is sold by a retail company called Gun Accessory in Amritsar, India. They offer a number of other accessories for various small arms as well.

    12 Bore Folding Stock Extended_thumbnail 12_Bore_Folding_Stock_Folded_thumbnail 315_Rifle_butt_thumbnail

    UrgAW 30-06 IOF Rifle Folding Butt c25gf


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