50 BMG Handgun

    This video came out in 2012, so it has been out for a while, but this is the first time I’ve come across it. I can’t find much information about it, other than it is called the “Thunder” and appears to have been made by a company called Triple Action LLC, which is an FFL based out of Logan, Utah. The project must have been a local gunsmith put together without any serial production. It must have been created as an attempt to say, “Why not?”, along the lines of the AK50 project. The thing is so massive, it looks like it requires a breech block similar to a recoilless rifle or artillery cannon just to load. It includes a massive compensator, and iron sights. Why they even bothered with a compensator on a cartridge so large in something like a handgun is quite beyond me. But it certainly falls into the novelty category, like this German .50 BMG handgun, and there couldn’t have been many made. It seems to have been premiered at SHOT a couple years back, or a similar industry function, because of the photos on the internet with the function in the background. I would almost be concerned about the safety of the hand cannon, letting off a .50 BMG round in front of your face with nothing but a chunk of steel between you and the cartridge. That, or literally breaking your wrists.


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