[GAO] Magpul Happy Claymore Pouch

    I cannot believe I missed out on this little gem at SHOT Show. Luckily Taylor W, an industrial designer at Magpul, gave me the low down on this innocuous little bag at the Great American Outdoor Show.

    At first clance it looks like a burlap pouch with two buttons. The buttons and the stitching is where it gets its name. The buttons are like eyes and the stitching is a jagged “messed up” smile. Taylor explained that when they had these prototyped, the embroider would make a perfect semi circular smile. Taylor kept telling him to make it less perfect and “messed up” but every sample came back as a perfect semi circle. So Taylor had to draw a “messed up” smile which the embroider scanned and programmed in their computer to create the pattern perfectly.


    The exterior of the bag is obviously not the main focus. The front flap opens to allow storage or retrieval of a stored Claymore mine.

    In the main compartment, is a large square sheet with a pouch. this is for storing any manner of items required for your explosive needs.The interior is blaze orange for emergency signaling and the trim of the sheet is reflective material that is also compatible with NODS and IR.



    Take a closer look at the diagrams and instructions. The guys at Magpul are not without humor and loaded this with a few jokes.

    Happy FullSizeRender Happy 2


    No price on the Happy Claymore bag but it will be released in a couple weeks.

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