Kalashnikov bolt hold open technique

    So this video came out on Youtube recently, and it shows a fellow demonstrating a technique to hold open the bolt of a Kalashnikov operating system to the rear. In the way that he describes it, this technique would really only be applicable to keeping the bolt to the rear for demonstrating that the firearm is clear and that the chamber is empty. This is especially beneficial to a range safety officer on a firing line, but could also be useful when handing the firearm off to another person, and showing that it is clear to begin with. This would not be very applicable for actually clearing a malfunction while firing, as it is entirely dependent on the hammer catching the bolt in position at the rear most point of bolt travel, and essentially inadvertently locking it there. Furthermore, this technique WILL NOT, I repeat WILL NOT work with all makes and models of the Kalashnikov. I tried it out on my AKS74U parts build, and it didn’t work, while some other guys tried it out on their Saigas and it didn’t work for them. So you have an AK, might as well give it a try, and if it works, it works, and if it doesn’t, oh well… I would not chalk this up to a beneficial tool in the AK toolbox, more like a useful trick instead. See if it works with your AK, and comment on what brands work and which ones don’t!

    The poster seemed to have gotten alot of feedback on his original video, so he made another one to clarify.


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