New Trulock Choke Tube for Hog Hunters

    In the hunting world there tend to be some fairly fiercely-held beliefs when it comes to the rifles-versus-shotguns argument. While there are pros to each, there’s one way to bring some rifle fans into the shotgun-loving camp: make a better choke tube. Or at least that’s the way to get some hog hunters using shotguns next time they’re going out after a big boar. Trulock has decided to make that happen.

    The new choke tube from Trulock, Boar Blaster, was announced at SHOT Show 2016. It’s a 4″ choke with a .030 constriction, and it was designed specifically for the buckshot hog hunters lean towards: 00 and 000 buck (sure slugs are great but there’s just something about a shotgun loaded with serious buckshot). According to the company the Boar Blaster will deliver the tightest possible pattern of any choke tube currently on the market.

    Other features of the new choke tube include a new forcing cone; Trulock says 5 steps went into constricting the tube’s diameter. The company put their newest product through rigorous testing on stationary targets using multiple brands of buckshot. Their results showed patterns were 25% tighter at distances of 40 yards with the Boar Blaster although they did not say what their baseline was.

    Hogs are tougher to drop than your average game thanks in part to the cartilage shield across their shoulders – and yes, they do have tempers. That means hog hunters aren’t going to cut any corners when it comes to the guns used to drop a boar or sow. Although I’ve gone after hogs with pretty much every type of firearm you can imagine I do have my personal preferences. The Boar Blaster caught my attention, enough to make me think it’s time to revisit a shotgun-toting hog hunt.

    All of Trulock’s products are backed by a lifetime warranty.

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