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    Most of us own at least one AR-15. We may have different reasons for owning them thanks to their versatility – plinking, hunting, competition, home defense – but we have them. And of those many, many AR-15s there probably are not many that remain as they were the day they first came out of the manufacturer’s box. After-market additions are, after all, a wonderful thing because they allow us to tailor our guns to our specific use and to our personal needs (and also allow us to give our rifles a bit of our own personal flair). Now Hogue is giving AR-15 owners another option for grips with their new G10.

    The Hogue AR15/M16 G10 is a 15-degree vertical grip designed to give shooters a tactical advantage. The majority of grips on the market have a 30-degree angle and Hogue said changing that to 15 degrees gives a tactical advantage, more closely mimicking the angle needed during combat. One example used by the company is the formation frequently used during CQB in the military. The positioning in question requires the shooter’s elbows to be held close to the body and the rifle itself to be square with the chest. That all forces shooters to hold their hands at a sharper angle, one not easily allowed by most grips. The Hogue G10 15-Degree Vertical Grip changes that, allowing a more natural grip.

    Gary Flynn, Machine Shop Supervisor of Hogue’s Research and Development, had this to say about the new grip: “When designing this product, ergonomics was the number one priority, it just had to feel right. And of course, aesthetics was also a main concern; It has to look good too. It’s for military, for custom builders, for anyone really! And it still feels comfortable for guys who just want to shoot.”

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    The new grip comes in Smooth or Piranha Grip finishes, and is available in Solid Black, G-Mascus Red Lava, G-Mascus Dark Earth, and G-Mascus Green. MSRP ranges from $99.95 to $119.95.

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    From Hogue:

    This grip also fits into one of the lightest weight classes on the market, weighing in at a mere 2.3 ounces. It was strategically designed with a hollow center for maximum weight efficiency and is composed of the highest quality G10 material available. Additionally, there is a recessed dish behind the trigger which heightens comfort and creates a smooth transition for the finger to the trigger. In anticipation of some builders’ needs, a clearance was also added in the top of the grip to allow for an upper tensioning screw installed in a lower receiver.

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