Fundamental Right To Own MSR Weapons

    Huffington Post is reporting that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit said:

    Maryland’s prohibition on what the court called “the vast majority of semi-automatic rifles commonly kept by several million American citizens” amounted to a violation of their rights under the Constitution.

    Ok let us ignore the misuse of the word “assault weapons” as we all know that term is misused for modern sporting rifles. What is MORE important is what this judgement has done. This new outcome can lead to the Supreme Court. If the Supreme Court takes this on and agrees with the Court of Appeals, then it will become the law of the land and cannot be contested according to my friend who works for the US Courts including the 4th circuit. This might possbily lead to reversing such bans like the NYSAFE act in NY.

    Keep your fingers crossed.

    Nicholas C

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