Sturmgewehr Field Strip (STG44/MP44/MP43)

    The German Sturmgewehr is one of the most coveted and influential firearms of all time. Advanced collectors seek them out to round out their shrines, but getting behind one is a whole different kind of experience. The low recoil, controllability, and historical significance makes shooting a sturm a very pleasant experience.

    So what is underneath all of that stamped metal?

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    – Hey guys it’s Alex C. with TFB TV and for today’s field strip, we’re gonna take a look at a German Sturmgewehr.

    Now everyone that looks at these generally says, oh cool StG 44 but there are a lot of these that are marked MP 43 and MP 44 with the StG 44 designation coming later.

    The apocryphal story being that Hitler named it the Sturmgewehr.

    That’s kind if a dubious story but whatever.

    Anyways, they’re very cool looking firearms.

    They’re very influential more so in the east and the west.

    The west kind of saw it as a last ditch desperation weapon but the east even looked at its cartridge which is essentially cut down eight millimeter on the left and made the cartridge in the middle.

    AK 47 round on the right.

    But they definitely are very cool looking.

    The Soviets made 50 out of…

    about 11000 sheets of technical documents.

    So it’s kind of a deniable that fate didn’t say, oh that’s actually a pretty good idea.

    This was definitely combat proven after all.

    I think the very unique looking firearms, they have some cool stamping work that was very necessary.

    They also have a threaded barrel to accept the Krummlauf which was a curved barrel attachement to allow to shoot, basically around corners and outside of tanks and what not.


    The dust cover looks like it was the father of the M16 dust cover.

    May have been, who knows.

    And then of course something weird is you fire selector and your safety are actually independent.

    The cross bolt button actually changes from semi to full auto.

    Now to begin the field strip process, first remove you magazine and set it aside as they are kind of rare and pretty expensive.

    And then push out the pin on the rear of the receiver that retains the butt stock.

    It is captive so don’t worry about loosing the pin so much.

    But watch out for your stock one to pop off of there.

    You do not want to break that as it will render your weapon inoperable.

    You can also detach the sling if you want to.

    Now to remove the bolt group, pivot your trigger group down, a lot like an MP 5, G3 so on and so forth’s trigger group.

    Then pull your bolt and carry your group out of the rear of the receiver.

    Now to take this apart, simply pull the bolt off of the carrier and remove the firing pin from rear of the bolt.

    It looks like a large roofing nail.

    And there you have it.

    That’s all that’s required to field strip an MP 43, MP 44 or StG 44.

    These were really cool guns, they shoot great.

    They’re actually one of my favorite firearms to shoot.

    They look cool they have a very significant cult following.

    People seem to really like these and people are very excited about the upcoming reproductions from HMG.

    They’re not gonna be a 100% faithful but it beats paying transform from machine gun prices of course.

    And trying to find one which is a…

    can be pretty difficult as well.


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    See you next time guys.

    Hey guys it’s Alex C with TFB TV again.

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