ATEI & Cole Partnerships Releases “Hybrid” Kit for M&P Handguns

    Finally! Its now possible to have a compact 9mm handgun with a full slide that is not a “Concealed Carry Officer” type-1911. ATEi, known for their fantastic custom Glock and M&P work has released a kit that allows one to mount a full-size or competition (CORE) slide to a compact handgun frame without leaving the recoil spring open to the environment.

    o me, I have utterly disliked the tendency of manufacturers to decrease barrel length when decreasing grip length on most compact handguns. The hardest part of a gun to conceal in most carry situations is the grip, which is why people move to a compact. Chopping the barrel reduces critical velocity and also shortens the sight radius. Most shooters I know can see the value of longer slides; even a 1/2″ yields large gains in practical accuracy.


    Back to the kit: Basically, the Hybrid s just a guide rod, recoil spring, and little metal piece that adapts to the slides’s rails and cover’s up the ingress point at the front of the gun. Per an interview with RECOIL magazine, the kit has been tested only to about 1000 rounds of +P have been put through production versions.

    Those interested can call to order. MSRP of the kit is pegged at $125, not counting the cost of donor slide and frame. Those wanting to order will need to call their shop at 313.388.8228.


    Title photo courtesy of EverdayCivlian’s Instagram page. 

    Nathan S

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