AMTAC’s Over the Barrel Suppressors

    In all the hub-ub of SHOT Show, the small company AMTAC slipped through the cracks with an over the barrel line of suppressors. AMTAC’s line of suppresors, minus only a single model (the “SBR”) are designed to reduce the overall length of a weapon system by moving some suppressor volume to behind the threads (or “over the barrel”).

    While not the first company to offer an over the barrel model in recent memory (OSS’ suppressor systems beat them on timing to the market) its nonetheless an effective way to reduce the bulk of a suppressed weapons system compared to thread-forward cans. Specifically, it keeps weight farther to the rear and reduces the overall weapon’s length. In the case of AMTAC, their suppressors are generally only 3.7″ longer than the base barrel.

    Capture baffle-small

    Interestingly, AMTAC uses a single-piece baffle, fully removable for cleaning or servicing. With their lifetime warranty, the baffle (which serves as the thread adapter as well) can be quickly replaced without having to send the can off for servicing.

    AMTAC offers three over-barrel designs. The flagship CQB model is designed for barrels .76″ in OD or smaller and the CQBm is the same, just for longer barrels. AMTAC claims the architecture reduces blow-back on direct impingement weapons. Due to the over-barrel design, only certain cans will be compatible with certain weapons. For example, the CQB will not work with mid-length gas systems, as it requires nearly 6″ of free space behind the barrel.

    Pricing around $875 for most of the 5.56 cans and about $1000 for the 7.62 and larger cans. You can check them out at their website. 

    Nathan S

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