New Galco Slings

    Bungee Sling

    Galco Gunleather announced several new rifle slings for 2016. Two of them are the Bungee Sling and the RifleMann Sling. Here is a quick overview of each.

    Bungie FDE AK

    The Bungee Sling is a single point sling that uses an HK-style snap hook. The hook is included with the sling, but it can also be attached to the rifle using a nylon loop. The sling is constructed of an elasticized synthetic material that has an ample amount of “give” in it for weapon movement. Galco states the sling is adjustable for both length and ride height. The MSRP is $67.95 and it can be had in either black or flat dark earth.

    RifleMann Sling

    The RifleMann Sling is a sling developed by Galco with outdoor writer Richard Mann. It seems that Mann developed an idea for a three-way convertible hunting sling that Galco agreed to produce. The result is the RifleMann.

    The RifleMann can be used in a traditional, hasty manner, a modified hasty as is used with the Galco Ching Sling or as a “military sniper” method that wraps the sling around the strong side triceps. Galco added thick padding so the sling can be more comfortably carried for long periods of time.

    Not surprisingly, Mann is said to have declared the RifleMann as “the best damn sling I’ve ever used.” The suggested retail price is $49.95.

    Richard Johnson

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