H&K MSG90 Sniper Rifle Overview

    The H&K MSG90 is essentially a lighter, more portable, and soldier friendly version of the famous PSG1 rifle. It features many of its improvements and is accurized in much the same way, but has been put on a diet to better compete with more modern rifles. While the PSG1 was issued with a tripod for shooters to use in order to stabilize shots, the MSG90 was designed to fill more of a DMR role. So what makes the MSG90 any different than a G3? Well, let’s have a quick look.


    Disclaimer: This is an HK rifle retrofitted with authentic MSG90 parts.

    The transcript ….

    – [Voiceover] Hey guys, it’s Alex C. with TFBTV, and for today’s video we’re gonna be taking a look at a Heckler & Koch MSG90.

    Now the MSG90 is an accurized G3 at its core.

    Some people when they think of something like that might picture the PSG1 and this is a descendant of the PSG1, it’s basically a lighter, more mobile version.

    More soldier friendly, more intended as a DMR, really.

    Whereas the PSG1 is hugely heavy but, you can see here I’m really not a great shot, but I was able to pull off this group of.424 MOA at 100 yards with 168 grain ammo.

    So some things that make it more accurate than a regular G3 are these T-rails welded on the side.

    You can see how they are attached alongside each side of the receiver, to reduce receiver flex, very well thought out feature.

    The butt stocks, while heavy, are fully adjustable.

    You’ve got a rear iron sight which is known as the Princess Leia rear iron sight.

    And a standard G3 triple post kind of, we’ll take a look at that in a second.

    But you’ve actually got a detachable 10x Hensoldt scope that’s adjustable from 100 to 1000 meters.

    The actual reticle is pretty simple as well, pretty typical of most DMR rifles, they’re not super fancy, no range finder or anything in there.

    Now the barrels of course have a harmonic balancer built in.

    And they have a detachable flash hider.

    A silent bolt-closing device is present, which is reminiscent of a forward-assist on an M16, AR-15.

    And you can see how they went about free-floating these.

    They basically cut a triple post in half, and then welded the iron sight portion on top.

    Something else that makes these more accurate is the extended trunnion here.

    Let’s compare that against a regular G3’s trunnion, and you can see how extended it is, it’s longer and more robust.

    And the trigger group breaks at three pounds, and has a very nice wide trigger shoe on there.

    And you can see that for a faster lock time, the actual hammer which would normally be located here, is in a more upright position.

    Also something very cool about it is the trigger’s boosted with two springs, it’s got an initial spring and then a second spring, that engages halfway through and pushes it harder.

    You’ll see that again here.

    You can see it release, and then boost, making the trigger pull very light and the lock time very fast.

    Here you can see the beefed up extractor, the cuts for the silent bolt closure device, and the most interesting part is that these don’t have traditional rollers, they’re actually crescent-shaped titanium rollers, to make a more consistent lockup.

    So the reason we’re doing this quick overview in the MSG90 is to basically set the stage for something we have coming up that’s very special.

    Look for that in the next week or two, but we hope that this video was at least, show some light on a rifle that’s not very well known, relative to its older brother the PSG1.

    Anyways guys, big thanks to you and Ventura Munitions, especially for providing the ammunition for our upcoming shooting videos we have that will feature this rifle.

    See you next time.

    Hey guys, it’s Alex C. with TFBTV again.

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