POTD: H&K SFP9 (The Politically Correct VP9)

    Gabor Vass of Kalibre Magazine writes …

    Heckler und Koch…NO, it is not a VP9, in Europe it is called SFP9 (Striker Fired Pistol), because the Volkspistole Neun is not politically correct anymore.

    I had wondered why the H&K VP9 is called the SFP9 in Europe. I would have thought it would be the otherway around. The VP in VP9 stands for Volkspistole, which translates as “People’s Pistol” ie. a pistol for the common man. The People’s Pistol was a German WWII program to develop a ultra-cheap last ditch pistol to arm the civilian population in the face of the imminent invasion.  Walther, Mauser and Gustloff-Werke all developed prototypes. The pistol concept never had a chance to go into production before the Allies advanced into Germany.

    UPDATE: In the comments BrettW gives an explanation that makes more sense …

    Brugger & Thomet already have the trademark for VP9 in Europe for their integrally suppressed pistol – HK couldn’t brand it as such as a result.

    UPDATE UPDATE: Further information suggests they are in fact being politically correct. I will be blogged about this topic soon.