Shooting While Injured

    Jessica Nietzel was participating in a 3Gun match. She ran her AR perfectly. Dumped it and drew her pistol to finish the remaining steel poppers. She got the first two and ran back to the other side of the stage to engage the last two steel targets. The box shaped areas on the ground are the shooting areas. She must engage target while inside the shooting areas. On her way from one shooting area to the next, her right foot snagged on the fault line of the shooting box. She tripped and fell safely into the next shooting box.


    She maintained her composure and finished the stage while on her knees. What you could not see in the video is that she broke her leg. She completed the stage with a broken leg. Here is what she posted on Facebook:

    I don’t get it, it just…broke…

    Spiral fracture of the Fibula.



    Kudos to Jessica for staying in control throughout this ordeal and finishing the stage.

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