GatCrank 15 AR-15 Trigger Actuator

    The AR-15 world has a vast selection of aftermarket parts from various companies, some of them are useful and actually improve your AR’s performance and some just make your credit card debt increase. There’s a segment of the aftermarket that certainly makes your wallet lighter, it’s the gadgets that make your AR-15 rifle shoot faster. Remember the Slide Fire stocks and Tac-Con trigger? They help you blast through a ton of ammo in no time.

    Well move over Slide Fire and Tac-Con, now there’s the GatCrank 15 AR-15 trigger actuator! What the hell is the GatCrank 15? It’s an attachment for your AR-15 that fires 3 shots per turn that was created by a Redditor. It works with all standard AR-15 lower receivers and with standard mil-spec shaped triggers. It may work with some aftermarket triggers and AR-10 lowers as well. It’s legal in most states, sorry CA, CT, IA, MN. It actually fires pretty slow, kind of like a 19th Century Gatling gun. Check out the videos of it in action below. You can definitely fire your AR-15 much faster with your standard trigger but I’m guessing the GatCrank 15 wasn’t invented just to throw lead downrange quickly but as a fun range toy. It retails for $30 over at



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