Hoptic USA “Quiver” for .308 Rifles

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    Hoptic USA, a small up-start has released a product they call the “Quiver”. The Quiver is an obvious play on words to our fine bow and arrow shooting compatriots that is designed to accomplish nearly the same thing for precision rifles.

    The Quiver holds two .308 rounds in convenient locations on a keymod compatible rifle, similar to a “match saver” on 3-gun shotguns. Machined from 6061 – T6 aluminium, the two rounds are immediately accessible.

    I can see usage for this in many precision rifle matches where reaching for a magazine when only a shot or two is needed would be a time-waster. However, I doubt the military utility of such a device as nearly the entire round is exposed to the environments. While I am sure an enclosed version is possible, the current Quiver is left open. (There are also obvious cost improvements to be had for mass production using injection-molded plastic).

    After machining, the Quiver is Type III hard coat anodized. Total weight is a scant 1.5 ounces including the Keymod mounting architecture.

    Pricing is set at $39.99 (which I find a much better value than the $25 plastic match-saver). No word on a M-LOK compatible version or offering in the myriad of Cerakote or Duracoat colors.

    Nathan S

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