Hand drawn firearms art

    "There are Many Like it". Pen. 2015

    An artist by the name of Lorin Michki has been making pen drawings of firearms for some years now, to combine his passion of shooting with his passion of art, and expressing the two together. I first heard of him through the various Facebook groups I’m apart of where he started posting some of his work. He has even had some success with showing them at local art galleries around his neck of the woods in West Virginia. The drawings are incredibly detailed, and the artist is a gun guy, so he does his best to represent the firearms he is drawing. Working from mostly images, his drawings of the guns by themselves are almost 1:1 in proportion, and are absolutely outstanding to look at and realize its not a photographic image, but a hand drawn piece of artwork. At this time he doesn’t have a website to showcase the drawings as he is working on one right now. However he does have his Facebook page, and if you’re interested in his work, you can contact him through there. He also does commission drawings, but I think this would depend on a case by case basis, and your location from him. I hope his career in firearms drawing continues into a successful career, and this is just the start.

    My artwork is primarily a culmination of my passion for firearms and drawing. I’ve always been a fan of pen drawing in particular, working with value in layers and building up an image. Along with art, guns are a huge part of my life as well. Visually they are remarkably powerful. To a gun owner, the image of a gun might represent something akin to freedom, security, autonomy. To a non- gun owner, it might represent something else entirely. Both reactions are equally visceral and emotional. When I draw a gun, I want to represent it’s form and design, as accurately as I can, without any other context to influence the viewer. I want the viewer to engage with their base level impulse when confronted with this imagery. So far I think I’ve managed to do that.

    I primarily use images to work from for the sake of time versus working from life. When I do a drawing of a firearm, I try to make it as close to the actual size of the gun as possible. Some of the guns, like the Krinkov, I don’t own so I have to use references.


    “God’s Gun”. Pen. 2015

    Dalton copy

    “Stability”. Pen. 2016


    “Odysseus”. Pen. 2015


    “Higher Power”. Pen. 2015


    “Tupperware”. Pen. 2015

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    “Little Bitch”. Pen. 2015


    Infantry Marine, based in the Midwest. Specifically interested in small arms history, development, and usage within the MENA region and Central Asia. To that end, I run Silah Report, a website dedicated to analyzing small arms history and news out of MENA and Central Asia.

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