Shot Show Optics: DI Optical EG1 and DCL-120

    DI Optical is a relatively new name at the Shot Show and the US commercial market. However, the South Korea based optic maker have been building military optics for machine gun, automatic grenade launcher and large caliber auto-canon for 25 years. All branches of the US military and many of our NATO allies are users of DI Optical made gunsights.



    The DI Optical DCL-120 machine-gun red-dot sight. It’s available for the Ma Deuce and the Mk.19. The main difference between the two are the mounting base and the ballistic range adjustment dial on the side. The DCL-120 is powered by two CR123 lithium batteries or powered externally from a 10-28 volt power source. (DCL-120 full spec). Someone need to make an AR-15 mount for this…..



    DI Optical also makes smaller red-dot sight for rifle and carbine. The EG1 prism red-dot sight is their top-end offering. The sight features a robust housing make from billet aluminum by CNC process. The optical part of the EG1 is using a prism instead of lens that found on most red-dot sights. (the pictures were taken in my photo studio due to very bad lighting at the convention center’s small side hall. Thanks to DI Optical for the short notice T&E!)



    The EG1 from the shooter’s view. Unlike the rectangular window or circular lens found on other red-dot/reflex/holographic sights, the DI Optical EG1 has an interesting octagon shaped ocular view. While it’s out of focus in the picture, the center dot is actually a crisp 1.5 MOA dot. The battery life is up to 9075 hours on the level #6 setting from a single CR2032 lithium battery.



    The center of the sight is at 1.53 inch height. It looks like absolute co-witness with iron sights to me. The windage and elevation adjustment are both on the right side. The sight comes with two small detachable rubber hoods that provides extra lens shading when installed. The DI Optical EG1 prism red-dot sight has a MSRP of $470 but it’s available from Rainier Arms for $423. (EG1 full spec)

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