CMP gets M1 Carbines (that you can order, right now)

    Unlike the previous hysteria and excitement about the 1911s from the CMP earlier, this news is actually quite concrete. I asked the CMP booth about the 1911s while at SHOT, and the answer was that even though the President signed that act into place that allows the CMP to accept 1911s from the Army, it still doesn’t mean that the Army has to give them up at all. So real bummer until future notice. Anyways, CMP has a number of full stock M1 Carbines up for sale, all from a number of original World War Two era manufacturers. I assume that this is due to the recent legislation. The carbines can be mail ordered on February 1st, and can be bought in person at either the Port Clinton store in Ohio, or the Anniston store in Alabama. Although all the shipping will be from the Anniston store. If you live in either Ohio or Alabama, the morning of February 4th might be a good time to take off work or school, if you want an original M1 Carbine for a good price. They are all available on a first come, first serve basis, with no preference to the manufacturer. In addition, Field grade, and Service grades are the only types being offered, Field for $625, and Service for $685.

    Monday, February 1, we will begin accepting orders for a limited number of M1 Carbines for mail order.  Two grades will be available, Service and Field.  They include the following manufacturers; Inland, Winchester, IBM, Quality Hardware, Saginaw, Standard Product and Underwood.  The manufacturer you receive will be luck of the draw, please no requests.  Each customer is limited to one total Carbine this year.  You will not be allowed to purchase both a Service and Field Grade.  You may put down your first choice and second choice.  We DO NOT time stamp orders, we only date stamp them.  All orders received the same day are put in one basket.   Please do not call about your order.  If information is needed for your order, our sales department will contact you.  Be sure to complete the checklist for the order before you send it in.  Questions about orders already in-house slow down our processing which means it takes longer to send out the end product.  If your payment method is a check, we will not deposit your check until your order is processed.  However, some may go on backorder.  You will be contacted prior to depositing your check should your order be placed on a backorder list.  To be placed on the backorder list, you must have a form of payment with your order.

    Due to limited quantities we may come across, M1 Carbines, M1Carbine barreled Receivers, Bavaria-Marked M1 Carbines and M1A1 Paratrooper Carbines will be offered on the CMP Auction Site HERE.

    Each M1 Carbine rifle sold by CMP is an authentic U.S. Government rifle that has been inspected, headspaced, repaired if necessary and test fired for function. Each rifle is shipped with safety manual and chamber safety flag.

    Free S&H – continental U.S. Contact CMP for additional S&H – Alaska, Hawaii & Puerto Rico

    NOTE:  Carbines will not be sold or shipped with magazines, slings or oilers.

    Store Availability:  On February 4, our stores in Anniston, Alabama, and Port Clinton, Ohio will have an extremely small quantity of M1 Carbines available.  They will be on a first come first serve basis.  No Carbines will be held and purchases must be completed that day.  In the store, you will be limited to one type of Carbine.  If you have placed a mail order, then decide to visit the store, your mail order will not be honored.



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