Warne Scope Mounts 25th Anniversary

    It’s happened to all of us at one time or another: we have a hunt or range time planned in the morning and here we are, discovering we don’t have right mount for our optics. Or maybe we do have the right optics mount but we don’t have the right stock to go with that particular optic. Those little things definitely matter and all too often we learn the hard way not to forget about them. Enter Warne Scope Mounts.


    Warne Scope Mounts is celebrating their 25th anniversary this year but the company can actually trace its beginning back to 1947. Back then they were known as the Warne Manufacturing Company. A lot of changes took place through the years but it wasn’t until 1991 that the company turned its production focus towards scope mounts, and fortunately it looks like they won’t be changing that any time soon.

    At SHOT Show this year there was a wide array of scope mounts on display at the company’s booth. After just a few minutes of talking to a company rep it became clear they put pride and effort into the production of these mounts. The necessary variations between different models are considered carefully and the manufacturing process is undertaken with attention to detail not only for a good fit but for quality and durability.

    Visit the company’s website for a closer look at www.warnescopemounts.com.


    From Warne: Warne scope mounts and their time tested products trace their roots back to the 1950s in Australia, half a world away from where the factory sits today. Warne has historically been an industry leader, pioneering the vertically split scope ring. Using innovative technology and design, Warne developed a reputation for precise, rugged, and easy to use steel rings and bases, all while providing extremely high value per dollar. With world famous features like indexable levers, sintered steel ring bodies, stainless steel recoil keys, and a highly durable, and attractive finish, Warne quick detach scope rings earned their place on rifles across the globe. Warne steel rings and bases can be found on rifles from the Mountains of New Zealand, to the Plains of Africa. The highly versatile Maxima line is equally at home Stalking Roebuck in Sweden as it is Whitetail hunting in the American Midwest.

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