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    While it is true there are a number of cleaning and lubricant products for firearms on the market, it is also true they are not all created equal. Some work better than others, some do not work at all, and some actually create the opposite effect the user is hoping for by gumming up the gun rather than helping it run smoothly. Due to those issues – the saturation of such products lining the shelves of local gun stores and their hit-or-miss tendencies – it’s only natural to react with some skepticism when faced with something new. In this case, however, that something new just happens to be something good. That something good is SEAL 1.


    SEAL 1 is being produced by a family of veterans who have been in the industry in some capacity for three decades. The company’s managing director, Dwight Settle, is a former US Navy SEAL and Brandon Lee, who was available for a chat during SHOT Show, is himself on active duty in the Army Reserves. Brandon has served in the Army in some capacity since 2000 including time spent in Iraq. If the military background of the men running this company don’t seem applicable, they are. To put it simply there is simply no one who better understands the demands and wear of heat and grit on the working parts of a firearm than someone who has bet their lives on a gun needing to get the job done. Combat veterans are uniquely qualified for the gun industry in more ways than one, and if this seems an unusual area for them to apply their expertise it really is not. Keeping guns clean and functioning is paramount.



    The first thing you notice when you walk up to the SEAL 1 booth at SHOT Show is the fish tank full of water placed in the center of the table. Inside that tank, submerged slide-down under a couple gallons of cold water, is a handgun. Apparently that handgun has been submerged in that tank for four years, coming out only during travel time for the sake of less mess in transit. You wouldn’t know the gun had spent years cold and wet by looking at it, though. It’s been coated in SEAL 1 and looks as new and untouched as the day it rolled off the production line.

    So what makes SEAL 1 unique? First of all, it has no vegetable-based esters in it. Esters are derived from various sources and used in a number of things from solvents to waxes to perfumes. Using esters derived from vegetables in CLP can result in a sticky or gummy residue. SEAL 1 can be used wet or dry and the company advises you wipe down your gun after range time. Using their CLP also cuts cleaning time in half, something Brandon tells me but that I have also experienced for myself.


    There are a number of products in the SEAL 1 lineup including but not limited to SEAL 1 CLP Plus Paste, SEAL 1 CLP Plus Liquid, a pre-saturated EZ-Cloth and perhaps their greatest item, SEAL SKINZ which are 100% cotton pre-saturated bore-cleaning patches (which come in various sizes). They even have a full line of products for archers.

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    From SEAL 1:


    SEAL 1, LLC’s managing director, Dwight Settle served 20 years as a Navy Seal working in the most extreme environments.  As the (AW-automatic weapons) M-60 gunner in his platoon the only way to truly clean the weapon was using dry cleaning solvent.  This became no longer available due to how toxic it was to the user and the environment.  He remembers his fingers and hands being dry and cracked after every cleaning.  The switch was made to Break Free CLP but it just wasn’t’ as effective.  

    For the M-60 and any of the weapons the SEALS carried to perform properly there needed to be a liberal amount of lube on the rails.  This created a situation where they had to be very cognizant of how they carried their weapons.  It was critical that great care was taken in protecting their weapons from dirt and sand; otherwise the weapons could jam and become useless.

    The SEAL 1, LLC development team came together  to bring a high end  green engineered gun cleaning and gun care line to the military, law enforcement and shooting industry that would all but alleviate corrosion and jams in weapons and make cleaning more effective and much quicker.

    With SEAL 1™ CLP PLUS™ all these concerns are a thing of the past.   When using SEAL 1’s new generation CLP PLUS™ your weapon will perform at a more proficient level and virtually eliminate jams and corrosion and make cleaning a much more enjoyable task.  

    Our testing confirms that your weapon will perform in the most extreme environmental conditions.

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