Comedian Commits Straw Purchase On Camera

    The organizer of Shoot Las Vegas mentioned this story while driving us out to Pro Gun Club for our full auto shoot.

    Comedian Steve Hofstetter, his friends Brent and Colin went to a gun show in Henderson, a suburb of Las Vegas. Steve, a California resident, attempts to buy a hand gun. Clearly he is denied. So then he has his friend Brent, who is a NV resident, buy one for him. In the video at 0:30 secs he says “He bought it with my money”. Right there. That was a straw purchase. Remember Bruce Abramski? He purchased a Glock legally and transferred it to his Uncle, legally. And yet Supreme Courts deemed that was a Straw Purchase. They were not even trying to commit a straw purchase. These comedians intended to break the law from the very beginning and actually committed a crime on camera.

    Steve responds with:

    For those saying how Brent and I will get arrested for making a straw purchase, you are not lawyers, and you are very wrong. We were careful to not actually follow through with the straw purchase — just to show that we could have. Brent legally owns (and has) the gun. He never bought it for me — we just made it look to the dealer like that was a possibility.

    I am not sure how the ATF will take it. I am pretty sure intent is still a crime. Isn’t “Intent to construct” a felony? I am pretty sure these guys committed a felony regardless of “intent”.  Unless you are David Gregory and only use it for demonstrative purposes. The law should apply to everyone.


    Edit: Here is another comedian who tried something similarly and did not resort to committing a felony.

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