New Hatch Sling Bag

    hatch s7

    Hatch announced a new sling bag at the recent SHOT Show. Called the S7 Sling Pack, the bag was designed for law enforcement and military personnel as a “quick action” bag. However, I believe that the bags can easily serve the private citizen as well.

    The bag has numerous compartments and PALS webbing for the storage of all sorts of gear. It does have a concealment pocket for a handgun.

    However, there are two features that I liked a lot about this bag. First, the main compartment flap opens away from the body. This means that you can open it while the bag is slung and not have to fight with the flap to access gear inside.

    The second simple, but very helpful, feature is a lightly colored interior. A lot of the gear you may carry – from a camera lens to an AR magazine – is black. Having a light colored interior makes finding the right piece of equipment a little easier.

    hatch s7

    The S7 Sling Pack looks to be similar to the Versipack line from Maxpedition – though at a lower price point. The suggested retail price on this new sling bag is $49.99. Don’t get me wrong, Maxpedition makes good stuff. I have a number of their packs and each has proved to be very durable. However, quality competition can increase the performance and pricing of products for the consumer.

    The bag is available now and currently only available in black. Consumer demand can open the bag up to other colors.

    Richard Johnson

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