[SHOT 2016] Magpul’s Long Action Hunter Stock

    Last year Magpul introduced the Hunter stock for the Remington 700 short action rifle. Short action shooters have embraced the polymer wonder stock but shooters that have embraced long action Remington 700s were kinda left out to dry. This year Magpul introduced a long action stock They have dubbed the 700L that Allows you to drop your 30-06 or 300 Win Mag long action 700 into one of these reasonably priced polymer stocks. The 700L is currently only offered in a right handed variant, lefty shooters are out of luck for now. I am sure that with enough demand Magpul will listen to the market as they always do.

    The 700L features M-Lok slots that accept a ton of accessories already on the market, kind of an exciting feature because the M-Lok system is quickly gaining ground in the race between M-Lok and Keymod. The stock works with the standard hinged floor plates or you can install the optional AICS style bolt action magazine well that allows the use Magpul AICS pattern magazines. Not too long ago features like this would have cost a shooter a ton of money making the Hunter stock kind of a bargain. Magpul made sure that the stock was truly a drop in solution for shooters by making sure that the stock accepts all factory Remington barrel profiles. MSRP for the Magpul 700L is $279.95.

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